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Filmmaking is hard. 


Especially when ya ain’t got two nickels to rub together, and your favorite script you’ve written involves a six-foot reptoid, his spaceship, and the ancient underwater city of Sauridontilis. 


It's easy to feel defeated when it seems like you don't have the resources to tell your stories. And far too often, people stop right there.

Well listen friend, Gillybear cares. We want you to make your movies no matter what. 


You may not realize it now, but there’s a whole lot of magic you can make with the stuff around you and a specific sequence of shots. It’s not “I can’t do this because __________”. It’s “how ELSE can I do this”? 

Stuck on a special effect? Need extra brains on planning a shot?

Shoot us a message. We’ve got a minute to talk. 

You can do it!

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